Tim Mälzer

Junior Kitchen knife

Hardness 58 (±1) HRC

“We firmly believe that children are creative by nature, and that they enjoy exploring their creativity in the kitchen. Children who are involved in cooking are automatically more interested in what they eat.“ Tim Mälzer

Tim Mälzer and the Japanese knife specialist kai have worked together to develop a unique junior knife that makes it easier for children aged 6 and above to learn how to use professional food preparation equipment. The anti-slip, ergonomic handle means that small hands can securely grip the junior knife.

The anti-rust stainless steel blade is serrated to support the intuitive cutting motion children use (= sawing action), to minimise the force needed and the risk of slipping. To reduce the risk of injury, the knife blade also has a specially rounded, blunt tip and a blunt end. The flexible finger protection supplied as part of the Junior Kitchen Knife Set provides maximum protection.

Designed and produced by kai Japan.


    Tim Mälzer junior kitchen knife # 


    , Blade 4.25" / 11,0 cm
    Content: Comes with finger protector BB-0621 and knife case , Handle 10,0 cm


  • Finger Protector # 




  • Knife case



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