Michel Bras
Kitchen tools


Michel BRAS utensils represent a choice series of high-quality cooking utensils for professional use. The entire product portfolio of the Series has been developed and manufactured with passion and an exceptional quality. The products impress with their rigorous combination of precision, functionality, and haptics.


 | BK-0206
 40,0x12,5x25,0 cm 
and storage case with blade inserts and container for slicings


 | BK-0201
Blade 4,2 / 10,0 cm, Handle 10,8 cm
with interchangeable blades


 | BK-0204
Blade 5,7 / 10,0 cm, Handle 10,8 cm
with interchangeable blades

Cheese grater

 | BK-0205
Blade 15,4 cm, Handle 11,3 cm
with 3 changeable attachments in extra fine, fine and coarse

Micro grater

 | BK-0212
Blade 15,4 cm, Handle 11,3 cm

Julienne set

 | BK-0213
Blade 15,4 cm, Handle 11,3 cm
with 2 changeable attachments in fine and coarse

Kitchen scissor

 | BK-0202
Blade 12,5 / 10,0 cm, Handle 8,0 cm

Kitchen scissor

 | BK-0203
Blade 14,0 cm, Handle 9,0 cm

Diamond sharpener

 | BK-0022
Sharpener 29,5 cm, Handle 11,8 cm

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