kai receives
2019 German Brand Award

kai, the Japanese manufacturer of premium cutlery, has received the coveted German Brand Award. In the »Kitchen and Household Appliances« category of the »Excellent Brands« competition class, kai made a strong impact as a company that preserves ancient traditions and combines them with innovative technologies. For the fourth time now, the winners of the German Brand Award have been honoured at a festive gala in Berlin. More than 700 guests from business, culture and the media accepted the exclusive invitation.

An eight-member jury of brand and communications experts honoured kai as the best product and corporate brand. Explaining the reason for its decision the jury stated: »The desire to preserve ancient traditions and combine them with innovative techniques is not a contradiction in terms, but forms the basis for new products that honour the Japanese forging art and at the same time correspond to the spirit of the times and modern requirements.«

The German Brand Award is open to companies, agencies, service providers and marketers as well as non-commercial and governmental organisations from all sectors worldwide. The German Brand Award was initiated by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of Germany's Federal Parliament. In recent years kai has already received a number of awards within this product group.

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kai receives 2019 German Brand Award


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