Our top-quality knives need a certain amount of care so that you can enjoy your sharp knife for a long time.

Before using our knives for the first time clean them with hot water. After each use clean them under running water and dry them with a soft cloth; do not use aggressive detergents. For your own safety you should always wipe the knife with a towel or cloth from the blade’s back towards the edge. Rinse off aggressive agents like lemon juice directly after use.

Never put knives in a dishwasher. This may impair not only the material, but also the sharpness of the edge. Never cut on glass or granite cutting boards. These may be easy to clean but will ruin the edge of even the hardest steel. Use only wooden boards (head wood is best) or synthetic cutting boards of medium firmness.

When chopping, always ensure that the blade does not strike on hard materials. The blade can be damaged when cutting bones, frozen foods or similar hard objects.

Knives with handles of natural wood should not remain in water too long. Occasionally oil the handle with neutral vegetable oil.

When storing a knife make sure that the edge never gets in contact with other metallic objects. That way you avoid damage to the edge. Store knives either in a knife block, a wooden drawer insert or on a wall mounted magnet board; Japanese blades are best kept in a wooden sheath.