Pure Komachi 2

Series with 6 shapes
Designed in Japan



The Pure Komachi Series' knives introduce a wealth of playful colours. Visually, these knives are distinguished primarily by their coloured coatings. The series' blades are made of stainless steel and add significant value in terms of removing cut material from the blade, especially when combined with their coloured, nonstick coating. Each knife is assigned a specific colour, allowing for an easy overview. The ergonomic plastic handle is monochromatically tailored to match the coloured coating of the blade.


 | AB-5702
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 12,0 cm

Chef's knife

 | AB-5706
Blade 8" (20,0 cm), Handle 12,0 cm

Slicing knife

 | AB-5704
Blade 9" (23,0 cm), Handle 12,0 cm

Pure Komachi 2 Set

Knife set

 | ABS-0310
 Utility knife AB-5700, Utility knife AB-5701 and Vegetable knife AB-5723 

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