Sharpening Instructions

The whetstone should be soaked in water for about 10 minutes before using it. Make sure that the stone is always slightly wet during the grinding process.

Asymmetric blades: place the ground side first on the whetstone. Make sure that you use the angle recommended by the manufacturer. Grind the knife with a 45° angle to the whetstone (to get the largest possible surface), pressing towards the edge and releasing the pressure when moving the knife back. This should be repeated proportionally on all parts of the blade. Once the ground side is done, reverse the knife and repeat the process as described above on the hollow-ground side but less often – 1/10 will do.

Symmetric blades: repeat the process as above, but reduce the angle to approx. 15°.
It is important to grind both sides of the blade equally to regain a symmetrically sharpened knife.