Grinding Accessories

To sharpen and hone the knives the traditional Japanese way, we recommend the whetstones of ceramic compound. The premium high­lights are the DM-0708, DM-0600, WS-800 & WS-3000 whetstones.

The electric knife sharpener AP-0118 by KAI is an alternative to traditional whetstones. It is equipped with two pairs of rotating whetstones that allow coarse and fine grinding (finish) in one single step.

A detailed manual for re-working symmetric and asymmetric blades with traditional Japanese whetstones can be found here.


    The DM-0708 offers a coarse side for grinding and a fine side for sharpening the edge. For the professional the DM-0600
    also allows fine-polishing the edge with the 6000 side.

    Combination whetstone # 


    18,4x6,2x2,8 cm L/W/H
    Grain 300/1000 


  • Combination whetstone # 


    18,4x6,2x2,8 cm L/W/H
    Grain 1000/6000 



    Using the whetstone WS-3000 the demanding chef can further improve the result of the 1000 grain to get an extremely
    fine-finished edge. The whetstone WS-800 is a good alternative to get a quick and good result.

    Whetstone # 


    18,5x6,4x2,0 cm L/W/H
    Grain 3000 


  • Whetstone # 


    18,5x6,4x2,0 cm L/W/H
    Grain 800 



    Because the whetstones “float” in the practical plastic casing, they dry quickly all round. The plastic casing also has a gutter
    and a water reservoir, for moistening the whetstone during the grinding process.

    Whetstone with reservoir # 


    25,2x9,4x3,5 cm L/W/H
    Grain 3000 


  • Combination whetstone with reservoir # 


    25,2x9,4x5,0 cm L/W/H
    Grain 400/1000 


  • Whetstone with reservoir # 


    25,2x9,4x3,5 cm L/W/H
    Grain 3000/6000 



    A nice compact product design, the lightweight of only 875 g and a newly developed sharpening unit with two pairs of ceramic
    grinding stones are among the highlights of kai’s new electric sharpener.

    Its dimensions fit every kitchen. The power cable can be stored in the casing; a cover protects the sharpening unit against dirt.
    Finger moulds and non-slip feet ensure a secure hold. Because the two pairs of grinding stones are mounted one behind the other,
    two operations can be done simultaneously. The first pair, of coarse grinding stones, restores the blunt edge; the second pair, of
    fine stones, polishes the edge to a fine and clean finish.

    Electric sharpener # 


    13,8x11,1x10,5 cm L/W/H 


  • Polishunit for AP-0118 # 


    for finest polishing of the blade 



    With the strop set from kai, a freshly sharpened knife can get a final polish and maximum sharpness through
    so-called stripping. The strop is made of beech wood and covered with a high-quality Russian cow-hide leather.
    In order to treat the leather, a chromium oxide polishing cream is applied. The cream has extremely fine grains,
    which are particularly gentle on the knives and is provided with the set.

    Strop with polishing cream # 


    20,5x4,0x2,0 cm L/W/H 



    The AP-2455 straightening stone is equipped with an 80 grain, making it the optimal tool to smooth depressions
    or irregularities in the surface of the grindstone being used and to round off rough edges.

    Straightening stone # 


    17,0x6,0x1,7 cm L/W/H
    Grain 80 


  • The surface of the new diamond grindstone AP-0306 corresponds to a grain size of approximately 3 000
    compared to conventional grindstones and is ideal for sharpening slightly blunt knives.

    Diamond grindstone # 


    25,2x9,4x3,5 cm L/W/H
    Grain 3000 


  • Blade Care Set # 


    Microfiber Care Towel, 30.0 x 30.0 cm
    Japanese camellia oil, 100% food-safe 


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