Select 100
Kitchen tools


The Select 100 cooking utensils form a series of useful kitchen utensils for daily use. The Series focuses on stylish and simple equipment for easy use and clever functionality. The high quality range is an ideal addition for a range of tasks in a demanding kitchen environment.


 | DH-3301
 Blade 9,0 cm, Handle 10,0x2,2 cm L/W, with interchangeable blade attachment (Julienne) 


 | DH-6001
 Blade 5,0 cm, Handle 11,0/2,6 cm L/W 


 | DH-6000
 Blade 5,0 cm, Handle 9,2x4,0 cm L/W 


 | DH-3107
 Blade 9,0 cm, Handle 10,0x4,0 cm L/W 


 | DH-5705
 , Julienne (coarse) with collecting container and wood brush 


 | DH-5704
 with two graters (fine/ginger) and collecting container, 10,0/4,4 cm Ø/H 10,0/4,4 cm Ø/H  

Scale remover

 | DH-6006
 Stainless steel,
total length 21,0 cm, Handle 14,0 cm,
with collecting container made of plastic 

Mortar with wooden pestle

 | DH-3020
 Porcelain, 10,2/6,2 cm Ø/H 

Grapefruit squeezer

 | DH-3017
 , ceramics 

Lemon squeezer

 | DH-3018
 , ceramics 

Kitchen scissor with microserration

 | DH-6002
 dismantling, Blades 9,3 cm, Blade thickness 0,3 cm 

Fruit knife with plastic knife sheath

 | DH-3014
Blade 4.75" (12,0 cm), Handle 11,5 cm

kai fruit knife with wooden knife sheath

 | DG-3002
Blade 3.5" (9,0 cm), Handle 9,5 cm

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