Shun Classic

Series with 31 shapes
Made in Japan





The Shun Classic Series unites centuries-old Japanese Samurai blacksmithing with today's modern and technically-sophisticated manufacturing processes. The result is an exceedingly high-quality range of Damascus knives, engineered with attention to the most minute details and designed to always retain its sharpness. The knives are therefore ideally suited for professional use. The Shun Classic blades are gorgeous to look at due to the distinctive semigloss pattern exhibited by the Damascus steel composite comprising 32 layers. This combination with the elegant, tapering handle made of black pakkawood, results in an overall aesthetic design that puts quality and functionality at its core.

VG MAX steel with a hardness of 61 (±1) HRC forms the entire blade's core right up to its edge. Sheathed in 32 layers of Damascus steel, the knife embodies a peerless anatomy paired with a resilient blade that is both hard and flexible at once due to its hybrid composition. The Shun Classic blades have a double-sided edge.
The slim handle made of durable pakkawood is fashioned in a traditional Japanese chestnut shape. High quality resins added to the wood make the material particularly resilient and resistant to moisture. Its typical chestnut shape ensures a comfortable and secure grip whilst cutting, thanks to a small rim on its right side. The integrated tang boosts stability and balance.

Vegetable knife

 | DM-0715
Blade 2.5" (6,5 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Vegetable knife

 | DM-0714
Blade 3.25" (8,5 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Office knife

 | DM-0700
Blade 3.5" (9,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Steak knife

 | DM-0711
Blade 4.75" (12,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Steak boning knife

 | DM-0710
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Gokujo boning knife

 | DM-0743
Blade 6.5" (16,5 cm), Handle 11,5 cm

Utility knife

 | DM-0716
Blade 4" (10,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Utility knife

 | DM-0701
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Tomato knife

 | DM-0722
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm


 | DM-0728
Blade 6.5" (16,5 cm), Handle 12,5 cm


 | DM-0767
Blade 6.75" (17,0 cm), Handle 12,0 cm
AUS8A steel (no damask)

Small Santoku

 | DM-0727
Blade 5.5" (14,0 cm), Handle 11,5 cm


 | DM-0702
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Santoku, hollow ground

 | DM-0718
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm


 | DM-0717
Blade 7.5" (19,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Chef's knife

 | DM-0723
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 11,5 cm

Chef's knife

 | DM-0706
Blade 8.0" (20,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Chef's knife, hollow ground

 | DM-0719
Blade 8" (20,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Chef's knife

 | DM-0707
Blade 10" (25,5 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Bread knife

 | DM-0705
Blade 9" (23,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Carving knife

 | DM-0703
Blade 8" (20,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Carving fork

 | DM-0709
Blade 6.5" (16,5 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Small slicing knife

 | DM-0761
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 11,5 cm
flexible AUS8A steel (no damask)

Small slicing knife

 | DM-0768
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Slicing knife

 | DM-0704
Blade 9" (23,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Slicing knife, hollow ground

 | DM-0720
Blade 9" (23,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Chinese chef's knife

 | DM-0712
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm

Ham slicer

 | DM-0735
Blade 12" (30,5 cm), Handle 12,5 cm
flexible AUS8A steel (no damask)

Shun Classic

Left hand models

Utility knife

 | DM-0701L
Blade 6" (15,0 cm), Handle 10,5 cm


 | DM-0702L
Blade 7" (18,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Chef's knife

 | DM-0706L
Blade 8" (20,0 cm), Handle 12,5 cm

Shun Classic Sets

Carving set

 | DMS-200
 Carving knife DM-0703 and Carving fork DM-0709 

Small knife set

 | DMS-210
 Office knife DM-0700 and Utility knife DM-0701 

Knife set

 | DMS-220
 Utility knife DM-0701 and Chef's knife DM-0706 

Knife set

 | DMS-230
 Utility knife DM-0701 and Santoku DM-0702 

Knife set

 | DMS-300
 Office knife DM-0700, Utility knife DM-0701 and Chef's knife DM-0706 

Knife set

 | DMS-310
 Office knife DM-0700, Utility knife DM-0701 and Santoku DM-0702 

Steak knife set

 | DMS-400
 4 x Steak knife DM-0711 

Fork/Steak knife set with table rest

 | DM-0907

Fork/Utility knife set with table rest

 | DM-0908

Fork set

 | DM-0990

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