Shun Engetsu

серия с формами лезвими 3
Made in Japan



With the Edition Shun Engetsu (translated: full moon), kai is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its well-known Shun brands, as a very limited* and ultra-exclusive special series at the very highest level: 71 alternating layers of VG10 and VG2 stainless steels create a unique and extraordinary blade pattern, giving multiple zones of performance along the cutting edge. The symmetrical shaped handle is made from pakka wood and impresses with its gallant royal blue/black wood grain and artful inlay. In combination with a forged bolster and solid end cap, the handle ensures a perfect balance when cutting.

* The EU contingent is restricted to 1,996 pieces from the worldwide limited series and is exclusively marked with a serial number on the end cap.

Нож Santoku

 | TA-0702
лезвие 7" (18,0 cm), pукоятка 14,0 cm
EU limited to 842 pieces

Кухонный нож

 | TA-0706
лезвие 8" (20,0 cm), pукоятка 14,0 cm
EU limited to 906 pieces

Vegetable Cleaver

 | TA-0712
лезвие 7" (18,0 cm), pукоятка 12,0 cm
EU limited to 248 pieces

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