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Japanese kitchen knives
and professional accessories

One of kai's fortes are japanese kitchen knives of special quality and origin. The common denom­inator is based on the centuries old art of Japanese Samurai sword forging. Technical innovations and the constant drive for aesthetic design give kai kitchen knives their unmistakable and global recognition.

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Japanese hairdressing scissors
and professional accessories

The Kasho hand-crafted Professional Hair Stylist Scissors are the crowning achievement of the shisho, a highly skilled craftsman who proudly engraves his scissors with the Kasho mark. Each pair of the Kasho scissors reflects impeccable form, finish and function.

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Japanese expert grooming tools for the daily body care

For everyone who values a well-groomed appearance, kai offers proven high-quality Beauty Care tools for daily body care. Five different series have been developed to the highest standards of function and design that are comfortable and safe to handle and impress with their noble and simple shapes. This concept is embodied by Jorge González, who now endorses our products.

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Japanese knives, scalpels and
blades for medical applications

With over 100 years of experience the traditional japanese company kai has mastered the pro­duction of cutlery and razor blades - precisely this knowledge forms the basis for kai's excellent precision medical blades and scalpels.

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Japanese shears and professional accessories

kai produces high quality textile shears and other cutting tools for professional application areas and homework.

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Production sites in Japan   1 / 2

Oyana: Plant for disposable & system razors, cutter knives, surgical knives and instruments
Senbiki: Plant for mold development, metal parts pressing, plastic injection, blade assembly
Yamato: Plant for kitchen knives
Tawara: Plant for scissors, nail clippers

Overseas operations   2 / 2

Kai USA ltd. Portland, Oregon, USA
Universal Razor Industries LLC, California, USA
Kaijirushi Korea Corporation, Yongsan-Gu, South Korea
Kai Cutlery ltd. Hong Kong, China
Shanghai Kai Cutlery ltd. Shanghai, China
GTI Mfg Co., ltd., China
Mi Kai Houseware ltd. Guangdong, China
Kai Vietnam Co., Ltd., Hanoi, Vietnam

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