Unpacking x Tim Mälzer

Tim Mälzer is unboxing the SHUN Premier Kiritsuke Anniversary Edition and talks about its features.

Selection of videos:

» Unpacking x Tim Mälzer, Shun Premier Anniversary Edition / german

A talk with Tim Mälzer

The Shun Premier Minamo and Kamagata blade shape explained by Tim Mälzer.

Selection of videos:

» Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Minamo & Tim Mälzer Kamagata / german, subbed german

Shun Engetsu Limited Edition

Celebrating 20 years of Shun

Selection of videos:

» Shun Engetsu Limited Edition / subbed english


Close-ups that bring out every detail of the kai knife series.

Selection of videos:

» Shun Classic
» Shun Pro Sho
» Shun Premier
» Shun Nagare

Michel Bras

Insights into the origins and development of the
knife line by celebrity chef Michel Bras and kai.

Selection of videos:

» Michel Bras report / french & japanese, subbed english


Galileo documentation about knives
workmanship in style of swordsmithing.

Selection of videos:

» Galileo report / german

all about knives

Which knife serves what purpose best?
Here are a few insights with Carsten Dorhs.

Selection of videos:

» Japanese Ratatouille / german
» Bruscetta / german
» Special blade types / german

Sharpening your blade

Introduction and instructions for resharpening
with a japanese whetstone.

Selection of videos:

» Grinding Instructions / german
» Sharpening techniques / german


Carsten Dorhs and TvGusto visiting
kai Japan and Shun commercial.

Selection of videos:

» Treating japanese knives right / german
» Visiting a swordsmithy master / german
» Tea ceremony with Koji Endo / german
» Visiting a kai knives factory / german
» kai commercial / german


Impressions by Philipp Rathmer