KAI MEDICAL has developed high-quality stainless-steel Biopsy Punches and Dermal Curettes for surgeries in the dermatological field. Noted for their extreme sharpness and user-friendly design, dermatological products by KAI MEDICAL are well known for their excellent quality all over the world. KAI MEDICAL Biopsy Punches offer good edge retention thanks to their double bevel, and their seamless stainless-steel sharp cutting edges result in clean skin biopsies. With perfectly designed handle geometry, KAI MEDICAL Dermal Curettes offer surgeons good visibility. The sharp cutting edge guarantees good cutting performance, with precise and gentle tissue removal.

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Through intensive research and by collecting opinions from leading ophthalmologists, KAI MEDICAL has been developing an extensive range of Microsurgery Knives for ophthalmic surgeries for more than 40 years. The wide range of knives for cataract and glaucoma surgery, with an outstanding variety of different blade types and sizes, meets the needs surgeons may have. The ultra-sharp blades created through a chemical etching process reduce resistance during surgery and contribute to post-surgical wound healing.

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All of our medical products are CE marked and covered by ISO 13485.
Please contact us directly for more information about the certificates.

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